Vanessa Rivera was born, raised, and lives in Miami, Florida never tiring of the vibrancy that is the heartbeat of the city. 

Soon after marrying her husband in 2011, she received her Bachelor’s in Psychology. 

Taking the scenic route to figuring out her life’s calling she managed her grandfather’s jewelry business. 

While pregnant with her first daughter, she discovered the fumes from the chemicals required to repair jewelry could be lethal to her unborn child. 

And so became a stay at home mom and got knocked up with baby number two. 

During this time, she went through the profound experience of deconstruction (coming to the realization that there are religious beliefs that are harmful and need to be unlearned) and was introduced to the Enneagram at a three-day workshop with Rob Bell

Being unable to unsee the truth of her type structure, she began the work of peeling the layers of her false self which continues to this day. 

After years of study under amazing teachers like Chris Heuertz, Nan Henson, Marion Gilbert, & Lynda Roberts she found her life’s calling and became an International Enneagram Accredited Professional.

She began Enneagram Miami, a space for the bilingual Enneagram community to engage and apply the Enneagram in their own lives.