QVC is my BFF

Ever since I can remember watching QVC has been one of my favorite past times.

There are even certain times of year when my mom and I will call each other on the phone and have QVC dates.

There is nothing more entertaining to me than having someone try to sell me something. I genuinely tune in hoping that someone’s going to talk me into buying some thing.

Is that something completely mundane and useless?

All the better!

QVC has been with me through engagements, marriage, divorce, remarriage, children, the death of loved ones…

Very few people have held my hand throughout all of those life events. But somehow QVC is there. I know this is starting to sound extremely pathetic but hear me out! Some binge watch Friends, I binge watch home shopping channels.

I totally have my favorite hosts, though some have retired already- here’s looking at the GOAT Lisa Robertson.

I have my favorite brands, my favorite brand reps, and most importantly my favorite sales styles. Not the clothing styles, no ma’am. T

he Host’s sales style.

It is performance art. Truly. Each host has their own style of selling. The friend, the expert, the serious shopper, the invested parental figure, the silly talk show host… it’s all seriously brilliant.

So, for a while I’ll be making my own home shopping channel on Instagram… I hope you enjoy it as much as I have been.

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